Architect planning permission is set to become more regulated with higher fees after the new year

Planning fees increase in England takes effect 18 January 2019 Local planning boroughs and councils in England are allowed to increase planning fees by over 25% from this week on. The new regulations came into effect yesterday mid January, there has beed several orders layed of an order before Parliament just before the Christmas break.

Online Planning Portals have now been published with the latest updated planning fee schedule for England. Home owners withing to carry out build work are reminded that all draft applications in England that are already on the system will be cleared and developers agents will have to recalculate applications and fees with the new higher values. Users amending and changing the drawings of a previously submitted applications may need to pay a higher fee upon re-submission.

At the same time, the government members published regulations that will allow applications to be made for Permission in Principle for minor housing-led development from mid June 2018, and confirmed a fee of around £402 per 0.1 hectare for the new outline planning route. Detailed planning guidance on Permission in Principle developer applications is still pending.

Local authorities were given a deadline of to publish brownfield land registers offiice details of sites suitable for housing, with the registers intended to be a vehicle for local planners to establish Permission in Principle sites. Permission in Principle confirms the location, the use, and the amount of residential-led development that will be allowed. House builders will then need Technical Details and Full consent for full permission.

Planning Permission Architecture Firm Architect7 had stated how they would keep the fees minimal by reducing the amount the extra fees will be passed onto the customer by over 50% as long as the build goes through a recommended builder they have aquired.